10 Tips For a Successful Remote Interview

We take the time to get to know both the businesses we work with and the candidates they’re looking for. That way, we can provide all the information businesses need to make an informed decision.

Before inviting any employee to be interviewed remotely, it is important that employers set up efficient, and easy to use, software. Not only can getting this wrong cause issues in their ability to fairly interview a candidate, it can also call into question the professional nature of the business to promising interviewees. When making video calls, it is highly advisable to use software that candidates are more likely to be able to easily access.

Remote Interviewing

It can improve the overall chances of success for a business reducing time, improved efficiency and add another measure of resilience to your bow. The ease of doing business is significant as well as involving members of your recruitment team who can be often based off site and will find this convenient and easy. When the interview has finished tell candidates what’s going to happen next and ask if they have any questions. There are many online meeting platforms to choose from including Zoom, Skype, Google Meetings, Microsoft Teams and even facetime and most of these offer free options. It’s a good idea to conduct a trial run through a day or so beforehand, so you can adapt if anything isn’t working.

Beware of remote work offers; here’s what happened to a Virginia Beach woman – News 3 WTKR Norfolk

Beware of remote work offers; here’s what happened to a Virginia Beach woman.

Posted: Wed, 14 Sep 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Tech glitches are often one of the most common reasons why video interviews don’t do well. Ask them to test it out in advance to minimize any struggle during the interview. This is essential whether you are meeting a company face-to-face or via any online tool. Make sure you research the company thoroughly online – their website, social media and any relevant industry news about them. In addition, you should also of course make sure you are very familiar with the job spec and prepare yourself for competency questions in the usual way.

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  • As someone who is conducting an interview, it is expected of you to go through the candidate’s profile and experiences and have relevant questions in place.
  • More than anything, adapt, evolve and keep learning, and you’ll surely reap the benefits of embracing a remote hiring process long-term.
  • Panel members should ensure that they only ask one question at a time and allow the candidate enough time to consider their answer and respond.
  • It is often really hard to appreciate just how fast we speak over the phone, especially when there are nerves involved.
  • Using a range of tools we will help organisations effectively and successfully remotely hire the top candidates for each role.

Make sure that you look directly into the camera as you speak so that the interviewer feels like you are looking at them. If you feel distracted by the image of yourself on screen, Zoom has a feature that allows you to hide your video feed from yourself. The COVID-19 pandemic is throwing up a major challenge to this time-honoured approach and, from our experience, some organisations and candidates are swiftly adapting to making the entire process remote.

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